Three Side Seal Pouches are qualitative and economical flat pouches, which are made from one piece of film and sealed on the two sides and top or the top is left open for filling the content.

These three side seal pouches have “Higher Filling Volume” whereas the pouches which are four-sided sealed would not be able to hold likewise filling. The companies, who have to run cost effectively, opt for these pouches as they offer reasonable packaging solutions.

3 Side Seal Pouch with ziplock attached

This pouch is heat sealed on the sides while the top side is left open for fill purposes. It comes with a recloseable ziplock, meaning you can use this pouch for different packaging products ranging from meat, seafood, candy, biscuit, pharmaceuticals, food supplement, powdered coffee, and pet treats. Thanks to the ziplock, laminated film and sealing strength, this pouch provide enhanced protection to your product from oxygen, moisture, odor, pest, and UV lights.

3 Side Seal Pouch with zipper for cannabis

3 Side seal pouches with zipper for cannabis are used for packaging marijuana for a single-serve application. The pouch is sealed on the sides to provide great protection and enhanced uniform appearance. Additionally, the ziplock used are mostly those of child-resistant types. Additionally, they are left open at the top, and that’s the space that easy filling by machine or hand. These pouches are made using quality FDA approved materials for safety reasons and aroma and freshness containing.  The laminated film structure will also protect your cannabis product from contaminants like oxygen, UV light, and moisture.

Customized printed 3 Side Seal Pouch

Customized printed 3 side seal pouches are sealed on three sides. They offer a perfect solution for economical yet efficient packaging. Also, they offer excellent protection from UV light, oxygen, and odor hence extending the product shelf life. Of more important is the option they are custom printed which a factor that enhances your products shelf appeal. At Tedpak we can custom print these pouch bags using the latest digital, flexo and rotogravure technologies. Lastly, the cutting edge artwork and careful crafting give you a profession standard packaging pouches that will fit your needs.

3 Side Seal Pouch with transparent window for food

This flat pouch requires minimal effort to package and seal. They do not have folds or gussets and can be bottom sealed or side welded. They are consumer, friendly, and cost-effective. Additionally, they have leak-proof, high strength, and durability qualities. Such is because they are manufactured using laminated films. But, one of the most defining features about these pouch bags is the clear window which allows customers to see the content packaged inside without opening the pouch. Depending on your packaging need, we can fit the transparent windows of different shapes.

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