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What style of garment covers are available?
At Kite, we supply gusseted polypropylene garment covers on a roll and clear polythene bags that arrive flat-packed. These different styles offer different sizes with information featured in the product table recommending what items of clothing might best fit the specific dimensions. 

The garment bags feature a self-adhesive strip, simplifying the packing process, with a visible warning print as seen on the product images. The garment covers on a roll have perforations to quickly release the packaging before sealing with tape, staples or glue depending on your preference. These polypropylene bags are completely plain and transparent with no warning print.

What can garment bags be used for?
These transparent sleeves are designed to protect the contents from dirt, dust and moisture while maintaining optimal presentational qualities to best display the clothing inside. Shirts, for example, can be neatly folded without the risk of becoming disrupted in storage or transit. This attractive presentation is perfect for shop floors or wholesalers wishing to transport clothing items to retailers.
Furthermore, the covers on a roll are well suited to businesses in the dry cleaning industry thanks to the shaped shoulders and centre hole specifically designed for coat hangers. The removals industry may also benefit from this packaging for protecting clothes during house moves. The very thin material is excellent for separating garments from each other, providing hygienic protection in close-knit environments such as a launderette.

Are polythene and polypropylene bags eco-friendly?
LDPE polythene and PP polypropylene are both recyclable in many localities, as presented in our recycling guide below. This facilitates the repurposing of the material, diverting it away from landfills.


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