Quad Seal Bag

Quad Seal Bag

The perfect solution for packing and protecting large volumes of product. With seals on all four corners and a box like bottom, this format is robust yet compact.

he reinforced structure of the quad seal bag makes it visually appealing on supermarket shelves.

Ideally suited for the pack sizes between 500g and 20kg, the quad seal pouch is perfect for wholesale packaging in the tea and coffee industry or retail packaging of products such as snacks, pet food and sports nutrition. The quad seal format affords the opportunity to enlarge your marketing and promotional messaging by utilising high quality print. With the absence of a back seal, you can benefit from uninterrupted brand messaging on all four of the pouch’s panels meaning massive potential for impressive visuals and branding.


  • High Visual Impact
    • The quad seal format offers the extra space you need to ensure all the right information can be found on your pack while the four-corner seal format means that your designs are not interrupted by back seals.
  • Food Grade Materials
    • All of our quad seal pouches are manufactured using this highest quality materials in our BRC accredited production facility.

  • The Perfect Choice for Wholesale Products
    • Robust enough to hold extremely large amounts of product, the quad seal bag is the packaging format of choice for many wholesale tea, coffee, pet food and sports nutrition brands.
  • Reinforced Structure for Large Volume Products
    • The quad seal bags reinforced structure helps the filled bag hold its shape better on the shelf, while its compact design takes up less width for the same volume of product than its traditional counterparts.


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At first, our sales representatives will listen to what you say and what’s your aim for the packaging, offer you the best solutions and ideas for choosing the suitable packaging bags & pouches. Analysis your urgent requirements or arrange send you samples for a view.

After we understand your requirements, we will proof or edit your artwork before we can go forward use your artwork for printing, we will confirm with you the Pantone code, spot color and special requirement on designs.

After we evaluate the whole design, understand your full require, delivery method, we will offer you full quotation include everything for you to evaluate the whole cost, understand the cost from China to your hand.

We will offer you free exist samples for you to view the style, applications, material or we will make you some customized sample for you to fit the size, feel the thickness, check the color effect or do the initial advertise before products go on the shelf to the market.

We will do the update on whole production monitor, also report you weekly about the schedule, confirm with you the pickup or delivery time for you to the booking or choose the best shipping date to your hand.

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For certain unprinted pouches, 5000 pcs is the minimum quantity you can order. Normally we need 10000-20000pcs for printed pouch, very small bags will need 50000pcs for a start. Now we offer digital print options, it can start from 100 pcs customize printed pouches.

Before we print your film or pouches, we will send you a marked and color separate artwork proof with our signature and chops for your approval. After that, you will have to send a PO before the printing starts. You can request printing proof or finished products samples before mass production start.

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